Monday, October 25, 2010


PREMISE: US Marshal Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) stumbles into the quaint town of Eureka after a car accident. Turns out the simple-looking town is populated by the world's absolute smartest individuals and their genius families. Most of these people live in the town under a contract with an organization called Global Dynamics, which turns out to be the company responsible for almost all of the world's most significant scientific breakthroughs of the last few decades. An unfortunate incident leaves Eureka without a sheriff, so Carter steps in to fill the position, becoming the only resident of Eureka who is not a certified genius.

I was skeptical at first, but after the characters and basic plot were more established, it really turned into a great show. I love the characters. Everyone (Carter excluded) is pretty much the leading expert on whatever it is they specialize in. Even Carter's lone deputy Jo (the stunning Erica Cerra) is a former US Army Ranger who knows everything there is to know about guns. Also part of the usual problem-solving team is Allison Blake (Salli Richardson-Whitfield), GD's liaison to the Department of Defense, and Henry Deacon (Joe Morton), Eureka's resident engineering genius and fix-all. The relationships between all the characters do develop throughout the series, however, they play second fiddle to the scientific and technological wonder which most of the plots revolves around. Eureka is very much a comedy, but as it is a mainstay of the SyFy network, it obviously is heavy into the science fiction genre as well. Each episode is usually centered around some gadget or scientific breakthrough which inevitably causes major problems for the residents of Eureka. The issues can almost always be traced back to Global Dynamics and its questionable ethics.

All in all, if you like shows with a large ensemble cast who work well together, and science fiction, then you should check this out. Think Firefly, but not in space (and everyone is a genius).

Favorite quotation: A man holding a pair of hedge trimmers looks menacingly at Fargo and says, "Fargo, I'm gonna change your religion."


  1. Nice Blog, keep on the good work.

  2. I've been meaning to check this show out since they did a crossover episode with Warehouse 13

  3. I have season 1, now if I can find the time....

  4. I might check the show out, right now im too busy watchin supernatural and the mentalist new seasons :p