Sunday, October 31, 2010

Obligatory Halloween Post

Happy Halloween fellow Bloggers! Hope your weekend is going well; mine is. Appalachian State defeated Furman yesterday, making their record 8-0. Fuck yea. Anybody else go to any great Halloween games yesterday? Quite a few dressed up drunks in your stadiums too, I bet. My costume this year is much less creative than most; I'm going as a lifeguard. Going to a get-together at a friend's apartment tonight. Just making some pizzas from scratch and watching some scary shit. Speaking of scary shit, new post will be up within the hour. I figured I would do a vampire movie, keeping with the spirit of the season (I promise no Twilight).

Thanks again, you beautiful people.



  1. There's so much about vampires nowadays, but not the real vampires, just this neo-emo-goth crap. Let's see what your video will bring.

    Happy Halloween.

  2. vampires are always good. and a life guard is a fine costume, assuming you arent really a lifeguard lol

  3. For biphasic tips, look up Steve Pavlina. The man knows his shit. My personal recommendations:

    -Set a fuckton (minimum 2) of alarms; or else you WILL oversleep
    -Be healthy (eat/drink right, no coffee, tea, energy drinks until you've gotten your feet wet; exercise, lift weights, shit like that boosts your metabolism)
    -Commit to it, or you will surely fail

    And remove your CAPTCHA.